We’ve gone mad! In the past week, we’ve deleted over 200 of our articles. Sounds like a crazy move, but we’ve done this with pre-meditation. We’re trying to climb the ranks on various search engines, so we’ve removed every underperforming article we found on our website.  If no one is reading it, why bother keeping it, right? We’ve been on this new SEO quest since October, as our ranks were constantly falling since last year. We’re happy to say that we’re slowly moving back up, as seen in the Alexa chart.

Whatever we’re doing, it’s working. What does it mean to our members? It means more leads, which means more properties to choose from (hopefully). SEO is a long and painful journey. Currently, we’re on the right path. Will it stay that way? We sure hope so. From now on, we will focus on generating more sales vs. writing blog posts hardly anyone reads.