so you have just purchased an instagram

Did you just purchase an Instagram account and don’t know what to do? We dedicate this article to people who are new to the world of social media (Instagram), and we hope it will guide them in the right direction. Obviously, people who ask this question jumped straight into deep waters, as professional marketers already know how to utilize viral Instagram accounts. However, if you’re new to this world, make sure to follow our basic guidelines. Social marketing is a double edge sword, if you utilize it correctly, your business will reap great benefits, but at the same time, it can cut you badly if you don’t follow a few basic principles.

Make sure to post on topic.

If you purchased an account about oranges, don’t expect to sell apples. Remember, behind every follower is a real human being, and they liked your newly purchased account for a reason. This is why it is necessary to obtain accounts that are directly related to your business. Since these Instagram¬†accounts are scarce, purchasing related accounts may not always be an option, and you might have to rebrand the account. But we will talk about that later, first, let’s concentrate on the importance of being on topic. There is a simple formula that works 90% of the time, and it is related to keeping your account healthy while making it grow.

Posts on topic + posting at correct times = Positive growth

It really is that simple, if you keep the followers happy and post at correct times, your account will reach the stars. Since we’re talking about correct posting times, let’s move on to the next segment.

Make sure to post at correct times!

Guess what? No one is up at 2 AM (almost). That is why posting at that time will significantly reduce your content visibility, thus ruining your reach and follower engagement. You need to figure out what times are the most optimal for posting content. There is no guideline that would outline which times are the best, as each account is different and will require a different formula. However, generally speaking, the best times to post are anywhere from 3 PM – 9 PM. Remember, that is the follower time zone we’re talking about, not yours. So you will have to adjust the posting schedules accordingly. We suggest that you review your follower geo-location, and pick the top countries which have the most followers. Research their time zones and try to pick the best time that will suit all three locations. But like we’ve mentioned before, you will have to test and track the results to pick the best times.

Do you even post quality bro?

Ok, that was a bad joke. But that does not change the fact that quality posts will trump reused content every single time. Remember,¬†these days people spend tons of time on the internet, and they have pretty much seen it all. If you copy something out of Google images, or a viral post from a fellow Instagrammer, you need to keep in mind that content like that will almost never go viral again. Why? Because millions of people have already seen it, so they’re unlikely to share it again. If you absolutely have to copy something, make sure to change it up a bit by adding captivating or funny captions. The best way to know if your content is post worthy is to ask yourself an honest question: “Would I enjoy seeing/reading this post?”. Now answer that, but truthfully. If you said YES then give it a go, if NO, keep searching. Finding / creating content can last hours, but all it takes is one good viral post for your business to become famous overnight, and money usually follows fame.

Help! I need to rebrand, what can I expect?

So you like to gamble, eh? If so, your chances are stacked around 50/50, because rebranding accounts is anyone’s guess. Sometimes they go over great, and sometimes they ruin the account. You can reduce that risk by rebranding the account into something the followers will enjoy. For example, if you rebrand @FordLovers into @ChevyLovers, we can tell you with 100% certainty that you will fail, and the account activity will drop to undesirable levels. A more realistic change that should provide better results would be to rebrand @FordLovers into @CarLovers, so make sure to think this through, as followers don’t really like multiple account changes. Generally speaking, no matter how you approach this issue, you should expect a minuscule follower drop, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Some fans simply won’t care what you’re offering, and they will instantly unfollow the account once you change the niche. But the good news is that we have never seen a big enough drop to where it would cause concerns, as generally only 5-7% of the followers will leave. We have heard from other marketers about 20% drops, but those cases are rare, and in our experience, we have never encountered anything bigger than a 10% decrease.


So there you have it! Expect more in-depth guides once we open our knowledge base. Best of luck on your newly purchased Instagram accounts and email us if you require assistance.