Fake followers. We thoroughly audit each Twitter account that passes through our doors, and we will decline each property with a large number of fake followers.

Inactivity. Our company does not facilitate the sale of Twitter accounts influence if they’re inactive. Only high yield accounts will be considered, with at least 1-2 million impressions per month.

Engagement groups. If you created your Twitter account via engagement groups (tweet for tweet/fav for fav), then it does not qualify.

Follow/unfollow. Our company usually avoids Twitter accounts built via follow/unfollow methods, as it is considered automation in our book. On rare occasions, we can find interested brands, but at nominal rates.

Hacked accounts. We do not purchase influence on illegally obtained Twitter accounts. 

Non-English accounts. While we do purchase non-English Twitter account influence, we cannot offer anything substantial for such accounts.

50,000 follower minimum. If your Twitter account has less than 50000 followers, please don’t submit it. These days, even 50k accounts are considered small, and the brands we work with do not prefer anything less than that.

Undesirable demographics. Our company is mostly interested in US/CA/AU/UK followers (at least 40%), so if your Twitter account doesn’t include followers from these countries, we most likely won’t be able to find a suitable brand. In rare cases, some Twitter accounts with undesirable countries do happen to land a contract, but at much lower rates.

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