The world of buying and selling social media properties is a growing trend, and undoubtedly, has become a major player in this game. However, we aren’t the only company on the web, as there are other services you can also use, such as Recently we have noticed many forums posts across the internet where people ask: “What are the differences between and”. Well, today we have decided to compare both websites to answer that question. Despite the obvious bias one might expect, we will try to stay as objective as we can.


First off,

Established in 2013, it quickly became the most popular classified ad type of website for listing social media properties. They’re currently limited only to Facebook fanpages and Instagram accounts. Currently, the website averages about 30 live listings per week, with the majority of them being Facebook fanpages. The website uses proprietary software created by the website owner himself. The service is basically a Craigslist-style type of website, where anyone can place a listing. However, unlike Craigslist, is a paid service, with a set price of 10 US dollars per 30-day listings. We did not personally try the service, but since the website has been running for over two years, they must be doing something right. vs - What makes us different?

And now us,

We have been in business since 2010, and have been previously known as In 2013, we expanded our services onto every social platform available, and we also buy and sell intangible/virtual goods such as data, custom website scripts, mobile applications, and even racked up gaming accounts. Our service is nothing like, because we are brokers, and we work with buyers and sellers on a one on one basis. We don’t list our properties out in the public, as we believe that in this business anonymity is the key to success. For example, was a similar type of website (similar to for buying and selling social media properties. However, their open style listing platform was ultimately what caused their doom. Why? Because social media giants were tracking each property sold on their website, and then in one single swoop deleted over 200 accounts, totaling over 43 million fans. We prefer to avoid that, that is why we perform extensive audits on each property and each member who wants to use our services.

Now let’s compare the positive and negative aspects of both websites.


  • Easy to use.
  • Lots of listings.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Active website.


  • Bad rep. Lack of admins/mods and malicious users caused the website to develop a bad reputation (users scamming others).
  • Lack of support.
  • Might be monitored by social networks / no background checks for users.
  • Not free.
  • May take weeks/months before you sell or buy.


  • Anonymity. Keep your properties safe from deletion.
  • Spotless reputation.
  • One on one personal support.
  • Same day payments.
  • Free to use.


  • Lack of staff / slow response times (up to 12 hours).
  • High minimums. Properties with low follower count are not accepted.
  • Cumbersome verification process. (Phone call / social profile checks)

In conclusion…

We’re not going to say which service is better, because obviously, that will only be our opinion. However, we would like to add that buying and selling social media properties is a risky game because this business is filled with con artists. This is why we believe that full verification of buyers and sellers is needed to avoid problems, and our service does just that. With classified ad type of websites, you’re at a mercy of the person behind the ad, and you will never know his/her true intentions. Will provide the best offer for your property? We’re the first to admit that our prices will naturally be a little lower than the current perceived value of your property. Being in the business of buying and selling we must leave room for a slight profit margin, to pay our overhead. The trade-off is that you’re dealing in a safe environment that provides anonymity, screening, and same day payouts.


Update 11.12.2018! We keep receiving reports of users being selectively scammed by staff. For more information please visit: