Google Plus Requirements

Google Plus Requirements 2018-02-14T15:47:32+00:00

Activity. While activity isn’t required, Google + pages without active followers will yield lower contracts (price wise).

Growth. We do not purchase click farm generated Google + pages, this includes pages built via engagement groups and/or fake giveaways. Any deceptive growth practices aren’t welcomed. Organic/paid fans are the only acceptable forms of growth.

30,000 +1’s minimum. Even 30k pages are considered small these days, and this is why it’s difficult to find a buyer (at decent rates) for smaller properties. Anything under 30k will be considered if your Google + page has desirable (above average) activity levels.

Violating Googles rules. Our company will not purchase pages that repeatedly break Googles rules. This includes pages with excessive curse words, offensive content, spam, and nudity.

Publishing rights. The page must have full publishing rights. Past publishing blocks (suspensions) are OK, as long as the property has been reinstated.

Follower location. We’re mainly interested in pages with fans from US/UK/AU/CA, and a few countries from Europe. Any other countries are considered less desirable to our buyers.

Hacked Google + pages. We will not purchase/trade any pages that were obtained illegally.

Non-English pages. While we do purchase non-English Google + pages, we cannot offer anything substantial for them.

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