Do you follow our website? Are you a member of our community? Have you noticed the lack of sales/activity? It’s not just you. We can confirm with certainty, that 2018 is by far the worst year for our website. Compared to 2017, sales are down by 2000% (no, that’s not a mistake). In fact, it has gotten so bad we didn’t host a single auction in the past two months. If you used our services regularly¬†please don’t panic, we aren’t dead at all. To the contrary, our traffic is the same, rankings high, and leads keep coming in every day. However, we push 99% of our incoming clients to our new partner, SWAPD. Ever since Facebook introduced their harsh Fanpage policies in March 2018, the buyer/seller market crashed hard. The things we were known for (Fanpages) were no longer as valuable to marketers, so people stopped buying them. This is what created a huge vacuum that needed to be filled, this is why we decided to branch out to other platforms via SWAPD.

Are we shutting down

No. For now, this website will remain mostly operational, but we’re halting the sales end until we’re ready to bring you quality properties again. But, this may take some time. We’ve had a similar crash in 2013, when Facebook rolled out an update that scared everyone away (huge reach restrictions). Because of this update, our service went dormant for eight months. After things settled down things went back to normal. Hopefully (although we’re skeptical), history will repeat itself and things will once again look bright for our marketers/bloggers/businesses/influencers that we cater to.

So, to recap. No, we aren’t done yet, and no, don’t write us off just yet. In meanwhile, if you’re looking to purchase social media accounts or buy influence, head on over to SWAPD.