If you’re thinking about selling your Twitter account, this article might make you a little angry. Why is that? Because Twitter is in financial trouble, and that may affect the price of your property. Twitter accounts aren’t the only social properties who got sucked into this “social recession,” as Instagram accounts have also dropped in value. However, Instagram accounts are worth less because there is a massive influx of sellers, and Twitter accounts are dropping in prices because the whole company is in danger of shutting its doors. If you were lucky enough to experience MySpace, you would know that no social giant is immune, and just like any other website, it may lose it’s popularity to the point of shutting down. Yes, MySpace is still running, but hardly anyone uses it anymore, and Twitter might be heading down the same path.

So, why are Twitter accounts worth less?

Financial trouble. In order to stay profitable in 2017, Twitter had to lay off 9% of their work staff. This is very alarming, as it shows instability and uncertainty of the platform. People who invest in Twitter accounts are now afraid to purchase anything Twitter related, thus bringing their value down.

Shutting down of Vine. Yes, it’s true. The ever so popular 6-second video app will no longer exist! While Twitter promised to keep the old videos up, they are shutting down the service, and they won’t allow any new video uploads. Twitter announced this just a few weeks ago, and the decision has been set in stone. Again, this move by Twitter only confirms the financial trouble the company is in, so naturally, marketers will avoid this platform even further.

Drop in activity. Recent stats reveal that Twitter is slowly on a decline. With each passing year fewer new users register and old users are losing interest in the platform.

Spam. Twitter is the most spammed social platform there is. Their poor spam filtering systems allow automated bots run amok across the platform. This makes the platform very undesirable to marketers, as over spammed followers are essentially worthless.

The world of buying and selling social media accounts is getting tougher for all parties involved. Sellers aren’t willing to buy unstable platforms, and buyers do not want to part with their properties for lowball offers. As a company who acts as a mediator between buyers and sellers, this puts us in a tough predicament, as we are unable to fulfill any orders, neither for buyers or sellers. This is why we’re officially dropping our Twitter purchase rates. So, if you have a Twitter account you would like to sell, be prepared to take a financial loss. Will things improve in the future? In our opinion, it is very unlikely. Social platforms have a tendency to “die out” after a while. People just get bored with current platforms, and they look for the next best thing. You may want to consider selling now, even at a lower rate, because a few months from now your account may actually be worthless. Don’t believe us? Think this is just a biased article in order to get better rates? Obviously, from a sellers standpoint it may seem like it, but remember, thousands of Vine account holders thought the same. And where are they now? They’re stuck with their useless accounts, as nearly all buying/selling communities have quit purchasing Vine accounts, including us.