Fake subscribers. We thoroughly check each YouTube Channel that passes through our doors, so if you ever engaged in purchasing fake subscribers, please don’t submit your property.

Inactivity. While our company will buy influence on less active YouTube Channels, we won’t be able to offer anything substantial for them, no matter how big the Channel is. Zero (or near zero) activity isn’t welcomed.

Content. We require at least two uploaded videos. If your Channel is empty and/or has less than two videos, we will not be able to approve it. We also have strict guidelines on the type of content the Channel features. For more information on what type of content we accept, please contact [email protected].

Engagement groups. If your YouTube Channel engaged in a comment for comment or like for like groups, please don’t submit it.

Hacked YouTube channels. We do not work with any YouTube Channels that were obtained illegally.

Non-English channels. While we do purchase non-English YouTube Channels, we cannot offer anything substantial for them.

30,000 subscriber minimum. If your YouTube Channel has less than 30000 subscribers, please don’t submit it. These days, even 30k Channels are considered small, that is why it’s tough to find a suitable brand who would be interested in them.

MCN Free. The Channel cannot be tied to a long-term contract with an external network. It doesn’t matter if your Channel contract expired and you can “leave at any time.” Quite often, the contracts auto-renew, so please don’t submit your Channel until it’s 100% disconnected/unlinked from the network.

Monetization. This feature has to be enabled. Otherwise, we won’t be able to find a suitable buyer. Past/current earnings aren’t necessary. We will consider your Channel even if it didn’t generate any revenue.

Undesirable demographics. Our company is mostly interested in views from US/CA/AU/UK (at least 40%), so if your YouTube Channel doesn’t include views from these countries, we most likely won’t be able to find a suitable brand. In rare cases, some YouTube Channels with undesirable countries do happen to land a contract, but at much lower rates.

Do you believe your YouTube channel qualifies? If so, click here.